Debunking The Top 3 Massage Therapy Myths

Despite the therapeutic, healing, and relaxing nature of massage therapy, many myths about it stubbornly circulate. Here are just a few of those myths, and why they’re absolutely wrong.

Myth: Massage Therapy Isn’t for Pregnant Women

Many people believe that massage therapy and pregnancy can’t coexist. One rumor even suggests that massage can induce labor or cause some type of harm.

In truth, not only is massage therapy okay for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy, it’s also beneficial for them. It can relax women going through what’s sometimes a very stressful situation. It can also help with back and leg pain that many women endure during pregnancy.

Myth: Massage Therapy Causes Pain to Work

For some reason, many people believe massage therapy causes pain. Or, they believe massage must cause pain to be effective.

Understand there are various forms of massage. Some really do cause a little discomfort for some people, like deep tissue massages. That’s because these types of massage are literally restoring flexibility to soft tissue and functionality to muscle. Discomfort and outright pain aren’t the same things. Besides, many forms of massage therapy are quite gentle.

Myth: Massage Therapy Can’t Help with Headaches

Another myth that people have is that massage therapy can’t do a thing about headaches and migraines. Since massage stimulates the body, people wonder how that can translate to headache relief. Massage doesn’t eliminate headaches outright. It can definitely help to eliminate the source of a headache.

Massage relieves tension in specific points in your body, which can help to stop the pain signals sent to your brain through your blood vessels. Massage therapists have specific techniques for dealing with headaches and migraines. In addition, many headaches can occur due to stress, and massage can certainly help to alleviate that as well.

The benefits of massage therapy go far beyond relaxation, although that too can help improve the quality of life. It’s an excellent way to improve overall help all on its own, or in conjunction with your other medical or therapy programs. Leave the myths behind, and experience real massage therapy for yourself.

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